The orange

Did you know? The color owes its name to the orange tree!

The ruby

As the "King of Gems" and the gem of the July natives, the red carpet is rolled out.

The pearl

Are you a June native? In any case, this is your birthstone.

The emerald

The emerald is the stone of the natives of May, belonging to the select club of the 4 precious ones, and it makes us see some green and not so green!

The Diamond

As indomitable as Aries 🐏, the diamond is the birthstone of April.

Diamond cutting

Diamond means the indomitable in Greek 💎! Failing to submit the gem, learn to recognize its different sizes ...

Our Odyssey

Do you know the story behind our collection? We invite you on a journey 🏺


The birthstone of Mars, aquamarine owes its name to its colour "aqua marina" which means "sea water"... Are you there?


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