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Antique Ring

 Antique jewellery is by definition unique, like you! 

Why not start your own collection today by exploring our selection of antique rings? Whatever is your gemstone preference, you will find the jewel that suits you.

From diamond to sapphire, emerald and ruby, our rings are selected with meticulousness and passion. If you like jewelry with pure lines, select a platinum Art Deco ring or an antique signet ring.

For a timeless jewel, a cluster ring or a solitaire ring will make you happy. You can also play the card of originality with a navette ring or an Art Nouveau ring.

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Engagement ring

The ring is undoubtedly the jewel that moves women the most.

Do you remember, ladies, that thrill in your heart that unforgettable day when he gave you your engagement ring?

If you haven't already, a diamond solitaire or a you and me ring would be the perfect choice to celebrate your love. A daisy ring with a sapphire, emerald, or ruby could also be a colourful alternative.

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Antique earrings

We couldn't imagine a more beautiful setting for our antique earrings than your face.

Get acquainted with our pearl or coral earrings, our gold fishes, our diamond sleepers, our creoles, or our girandoles earrings.

Our earrings have crossed the centuries without any problems, in order to meet your expectations: you will find here vintage and antique models dating from the 20th century.ᵉ, 19ᵉ, and the 18ᵉ century. 

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Antique necklace

As Jacques Demy said "Love is worn around the neck, the heart is crazy".

Is there anything more voluptuous than to come and wrap the neck of your beloved with gold chains and diamonds like Mike Todd with Elizabeth Taylor?

An antique necklace, whether you choose a watch chain to wear around the neck, a long necklace, or a necklace adorned with pearls and fine stones, it is the choice of a unique piece of jewelry that will combine elegance and timelessness.

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Antique bracelet

The bracelets of the Penelope Gallery offer an infinite number of possibilities to dress up the wrist.

Combined, a gold band, a diamond line bracelet and a filigree stitch will form elegant combinations.

While a tank bracelet, a cuff, or a pink gold bracelet bracelet will wrap itself beautifully around the wrists of daring women with an assertive personality.

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Antique pendant

Pledges of eternal love, timeless ornaments, or personal talismans: each antique pendant is a precious case for emotions.

Fetishes sublimated by gold, silver and precious stones, an opening medallion, an antique cross, an Art Nouveau medal, or an Art Deco pendant, will convey the most beautiful feelings and give strength to those who wear them.

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Antique head jewel

At Galerie Pénélope we have a real passion for hair jewellery, and we hope to share it with you.

You will find in our collection, among others, a beautiful wedding tiara in tortoise shell and coral, a comb in horn and gold set with diamonds.

We also have beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco silver hair pins, or finely carved golden diadem enhanced with small pearls.

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Antique brooch

The brooch is the kind of jewellery that can enhance any outfit.

Whether it is graphic like an Art Deco brooch paved with diamonds, or rococo like a cameo or Art Nouveau brooch, the brooch remains a timeless accessory.

Antique brooches are ornaments full of history. Buying and wearing them is a tribute to History ;)

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The Odyssey Collection

Galerie Pénélope invites you to travel with theOdyssey, our first collection based on antique pieces, in a very limited edition.

Galerie Pénélope is a tribute to the grandmother of Camille, our founder. It is also the name of one of the most faithful wives in history: for twenty years Penelope wove a piece of work every day, which she unravelled at night, hoping for the return of Ulysses.

The adventures of his journey are told in Homer'sOdyssey . In ours, we imagine that between cyclops and sirens, Ulysses had time to glean a few ancient coins. And that on his return Penelope turned them into jewels, symbols of their love.

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